The Reassurance Program is a program sponsored by the Mattapoisett Police Department that is offered to the elderly residents of Mattapoisett. This program offers the families of senior citizens the reassurance that their loved ones are being checked on daily. The Reassurance Program was started in the early nineties and has been very successful to date. Over the past years, the Program list has varied from 30 members up to 60 members. The elderly citizens involved in the Program feel confident in knowing they can call the police department every morning with their condition. The Reassurance Program means different things to each resident. For some residents, the Program is a chance to talk with someone daily. For others, the Program is reassurance in knowing that help is available in the event the resident does not call in.

The Reassurance program allows the senior residents of Mattapoisett to call the Police Department every day between the hours of 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. The dispatch officer has a list of all the members of the program. As each member calls in before 10 a.m., the dispatch officer notes which residents have not called in. The dispatch offer then calls the resident directly. If there is a busy signal or no answer at the residence, the officer then dispatches a cruiser to check on the member.

Upon arrival at the residence, the officer checks the house by looking through the windows, looks for a vehicle (if the member has one), and speaks with the neighbors to see if they have seen the member that day. If the officer feels that something might be wrong, a call is placed to a contact party on the individual’s contact list. The contacting party is asked to come to the house with a key so access can be gained and a further check performed.

In some instances, residents have “hideaway locations” for their keys. This information is logged into the Police Department computer. We are in the process of getting a lock box in the station, so the department will be able to keep residents’ spare keys on hand. By keeping the keys in the station, an officer will be able to take a key directly to the residence, providing the resident with medical assistance if necessary. Also, having keys in the station will eliminate the need to use force to gain entry. Property damage would then be kept to a minimum.

Throughout the years of this program, there have been a number of times that members have failed to call in and an officer sent to the residence has found the member on the floor. In this type of situation, medical attention was called out immediately, and the member was transported to the hospital. It is impossible to determine how long some of these members would be without medical attention if the Reassurance Program were not offered. Many Mattapoisett residents do not have immediate family in the area. For this reason, the Police Department started the Reassurance Program so that residents can feel confident that help is available to them.

Please fill out the following pages to the best of your knowledge, so we will have all the necessary information that we need in case of an emergency. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the police station at (508) 758-4141.

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Senior Reassurance Form