Detective Division

DetectiveThe primary function of the Mattapoisett Police Detective Division is to conduct investigations relative to serious crimes and incidents. It is the goal of the Detective Division to identify and arrest perpetrators of crimes and to recover stolen property.

A detective is an officer assigned to further investigate and prosecute felonies and such misdemeanors as require extended investigations.

Detectives conduct investigations by reading reports written by uniformed patrol officers and follow up on investigative leads and suspects. They conduct interviews of all persons involved, make arrests, write and serve search warrants, conduct forensic interviews, arrange for medical exams, gather intelligence, perform surveillance and investigate incidents.

Lieutenant Scott LeBlanc, Detective Dennis Tavares and Detective Aaron Bates are assigned to the Detective Division and can be reached at (508) 758-4145.

Mattapoisett Police is also proactive in narcotics crimes and investigates such accordingly. If you have information on any narcotics sales or suspicious activity regarding the sale of narcotics, please submit a tip using our MPYPD App or leave an email at Mattapoisett Police currently has two officers assigned to narcotic investigations.